Group shot of the Best Small Fictions 2018 reading at Prairie Lights Bookstore in Iowa City, IA:  (L-R) Brenda Peynado, Angela Mitchell, Denise Howard Long, Scott Garson, Jolene McIlwain, me, and Kathy Fish.

prairie lights group

Photo for the local newspaper:

author audra kerr brown

Reading at Keck Memorial Library, Wapello, Iowa, September 2018.  I rub my hands when nervous/excited.

keck reading

My writing space:

It’s a great little room. Lots of light, a bench seat to fall asleep on. Love it!

audra kerr brown writing space


My writing space circa 2015:

More Pic 1

We have since moved into a roomy 1920’s Craftsman, but I did a lot of writing in this cozy apartment in teeny-tiny Morning Sun, Iowa.
You can listen to me talk about this space and all my writing totems on the No Extra Words Flash Fiction Podcast (E89: Hold Hands & Stick Together) Writer’s Spaces, here. My craggy voice starts at the 20:30 mark, but you should listen to the whole episode. Great stories!
Good Night is a touching film based on my story “Your Father, Frederick.” The made its debut at the 2013 Expecting Goodness Festival:
More Pic Goodnight.PNG
Kris Baker Dersch reads my story “About Me Being a Big Brother” on the No Extra Words Podcast (E47: Illusions), here.  My story begins at the 13:25 mark, but you will miss some wonderful stories if you skip to that point.
Poet Cooper reads my micro, “The Last Breakfast,” and one of my  attempts at poetry (which is actually a thinly-veiled Flash) “Dirty Penny.”
Mitt Roshin created some totally awesome artwork to accompany my story “The Secret” in Popshot Magazine.
More Pic 2.png
On the red carpet at the Expecting Goodness Film Festival 2013. That’s my hubbins, Ken, and daughter, Olivia. I want my pompadour back!!!!
expecting goodness